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Removing a scratch...!!!



This might sound a little strange, but I have a scratch on my trunk lid that to the touch I don't feel the scratch!  It's like the scratch is under the clear coat. The area over and around and over it is completely smooth. If you look at the attached pic, you can get an idea of that I'm talking about.




You think I could use the Orange Pad and Correcting Polish, then finish up with the Finishing Polish with the White Pad?  I've never come across something like this smooth scratch and wondering if I'm headed in the right direction for the fix.


Thanks for your suggestions.


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Yeah Gary sounds like a plan.....Orange pad & CP followed by White pad & FP.

Then don't forget to wax or seal.

Let us know how it worked out.


Thanks Chris.....I'll update this page after I tackle this scratch.

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