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Hello from Queensland, Australia


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Hey guys,


I've just started using Adam's products after stumbling across his videos when I was researching detailing for a work article I was writing. Loving the products so far - carried out a full decontamination and LPS on my partners brand new Mazda a few weekends ago, and have placed a few more orders since then. My newest order arrived today (Friday the 13th) Just in time to carry out a full detail this weekend!


So much helpful information on this site - from both staff members and other detail fanatics. I have learned so much! Any other Aussies on here?


The only gripe I have (and it is only slight) is that we don't have as much access to all the great products the same as the US site. I totally understand why, it would just be awesome to be able to order everything. Fingers crossed we will have some more Mystery Box sales in the future so I can really stock up on products! 


Will post some photos up of the Mazda once it's all 'Adamised' and looking amazing!



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Just finished up giving the Mazda the Adams treatment, including a top up of H2O g&g, came out pretty well - apart from the glass heading a clay to remove some water marks. Cheers for the warm welcome! The article turned out pretty well, from what I can gather - I'm no writer, just filling in some content gaps.


No idea why my photo is posting sideways ????


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