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Quick wash and engine bay detail


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Cleaned my moms daily for her today. Cleaned her "fancy" truck the other day as I call it lol. Her daily gets neglected, you'll see why in one of the pics lol. All Adam's products used here, besides the drying towel.


Washed with mitt and Wash N Wax.

Cleaned wheels with Adam's soap and tires with Adam's fenderwell brush. The wheels are rough that's why I used the fender brush.

Engine bay was done with APC and Adam's fender brush and Lug Nut brush. After it was dried I used VRT and In&Out spray as the dressing. This is a 230k mile daily. I didn't try to get the engine bay perfect. Because we'll, it's an old car lol. I was just bored and figured I'd give it a once over.






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Nice work, John!


Did you spray the engine down before and/or after? If so, did you need to cover anything? Lots of discussions on here about how to clean the engine bay...just wondering what worked for you.

I always cover the alternator or any exposed wiring with a bag first. Then I spray the engine down and begin cleaning. And spray down again after I've agitated the dirt. Before starting the engine I always blow the engine bay dry, then apply the dressing. And I always use a water hose. I never use a pressure washer on the engine bay.

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