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Made the switch to Adams this past summer when I got my first new car and I stumbled on some Instagram posts with their products tagged in the pictures. Decided to see what they were all about and I'm glad I've found such a company that knows how to advertise, demo, and listen to their loyal customers. Consistently releasing videos on new and improved products is awesome and really enjoys seeing how to use the products correctly. But anyway, Before the winter I made sure to thoroughly wash, seal and wax my car. With winter half over, the weather broke this past weekend and with 50 degree temps I got to wash the car to re-up the sealant and give it a good mid-winter wash. Looking at the paint while washing, I could tell that it has been well protected the past few months and it looked good.


One thing I did notice was what looked like some 'rail dust' on the bottom of the front doors which I will tackle in the spring when I can spend more time without worrying about snow the next day.  Also saw some very faint swirls  but I believe those were from the dealer when I got it in the summer. 


Overall, I am very satisfied with the results after ever wash. I plan I buying more of the less essential products to round out my arsenal this spring and most likely getting the new Swirl Killer to really go the extra mile. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with next!

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