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Little Red Seal

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Another thing I absolutely adore about Adam's products is the little red seal thing that comes in the gallons and other bottles as opposed to a tear off or peel off type of foil you get on bottles of other products.  I absolutely HATE those things.  Do not veer away from this Adam's...it truly is the little details that make you great.  Anyone else with me on this one?

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i agree its great and keeps everything from spilling, but for some reason with my MB order all of my products in bottles didnt have it this time. is this a defect? :huh:


No. For about the last year or so, we're shipping pull-top products with the pull-tops in place rather than the black cap with the red plug insert. The red plugs will not fit inside of the black and red pull-tops that we're currently using on the bottles. There is an occasional spilled bottle, but the caps stay in place very well in almost all instances. If anything does ever spill, give us a call or email and we will take care of it no problem :)

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Yeah, I had a pull-top pop open in my recent MB order which would have been pretty cool if the inside of the boxes were made of Vinyl, Rubber or Trim. :-P


Sorry about that Frank! Please send an email to orders@adamspolishes.com if there was significant product loss or it made a mess of other items in the shipment, with a picture if possible, and we will help you out no problem! Thanks :)

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