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Tar and glue remover???

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Have I missed something here, do Adams not do a tar and glue remover? Think this would come in useful when a full decon isn't need and only have a few tar/asphalt spots to remove from paint


It's something to think about guys if you haven't already.

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A few tar asphalt spots?

Clay should remove it, Revive Hand Polish, should remove it. If it's worse than that I use kerosene. For glue I use 3M Adhesive remover or Goo Gone.

No, Adam's doesn't have a specific tar and glue remover.

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As I recently have read somewhere...Adam doesn't like to offer or won't offer things that they feel can't make better than what is out there then he won't.


So I am pretty sure I have read you can dilute rinseless or waterless I can't remember ( there was a printable dilution/mixing chart on here somewhere I thought ) so maybe someone can chime in?

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There is a "pro tips dilution" thread that has a really good list of dilutions. 


I never heard of anyone diluting Waterless product.


Rinseless product is always diluted. I use anywhere from 128:1 to 256:1 for rinseless washes (1 oz to 1 or 2 gallons of water.). 16:1 for waterless washes. Maybe as concentrated as 8:1...but it tends to streak a bit that strong. 

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