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Don't panic, bone-head!!


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I think this is the best place for my little story. If not, please move it to the appropriate spot.


I corrected 2 sets of headlights a couple Fridays ago for a gentleman and his father. The son immediately booked a detail for his wife's Kia Soul. This past weekend was the best time for me to work on it. I advertise up front that I need to keep the customer's vehicle over the weekend. I do this because I can't always dedicate 100% of my time on the detail.


Anyway, I usually do the strip wash the Friday before so Saturday morning I can jump right into the detail. Well, a cold front came in and stole 2 hours from my morning so I was already behind. I decided to work on the interior while the sun warmed up some. I finally start the decontamination with iron remover followed by clay. Here's where the bone-head move comes in. I'm claying the roof when I lean a little too hard on one of the rain guards and I hear a "crack". CRAP! I broke something on the customer's car for the first time since I started detailing. I know it wasn't like I burnt through paint or broke a mirror off, but I still started to panic.


100 things are running through my brain. I had no clue what to do. I was pricing replacements, trying to think of what to say to them, etc...  Then a sudden calm came upon me and said "just tell them what happened". So I text him that I broke it. It felt like an eternity passed while I was waiting for a reply. He says "Honestly, I wouldn't mind just taking those off anyway." I just about cut a backflip, LOL!


I ended up having to skip the paint correction and just put some wax on it since I spent the next hour or so removing the other guards and the old 3M tape residue. The customer was very understanding and I told them I can work on it another time. They were still very happy with the results and everything turned out great. It just goes to show you that panicking accomplishes nothing and the truth shall set you free, LOL! 



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Hahaha I've made many accidental "crack"-ing sounds when dealing with other people's stuff before.


When I was a Junior in high school, I worked at my Grandfather's auto garage for my work study. In winter time, I used to brush off the cars with a push broom (long before my knowledge of detailing) and this was after a particularly bad storm where I was brushing off about 18 inches of snow. I happened to swing that broom a little too hard and put it through a guys back window of his car.... FILLING his car with snow and glass. I felt horrible. Nothing to do but own up though. The guy turned out to be a lifelong friend of my Grandfather and also had all around glass coverage. No harm done.



Still a terrible feeling though. Not to jack your thread, but I feel your pain!

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I was cleaning the interior of my B-I-L's 62 Thunderbird while he worked on the front windshield trim.  I heard that cracking sound and looked up to see spiderwebs in the windshield!  Glad that wasn't my fault! 

Those oh @#$@#! moments are not fun.  :eek:

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