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Hello from Virginia!


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Hello all! New to the Adam's Forums but not the products. Have been a user for about 3 1/2 years. Got my start from a mystery box and well the rest is history. I consider my self a knowledgeable and avid detailer as by day i am a painter and am a weekend warrior with doing side detail jobs. But in the past 24hrs ive learned a couple thing and how to limit use of certian products. ( yea i was one of those guy using deep wheel cleaner for every wash) I look forward to learning from everyone here and maybe sharing some of my knowledge with you all as well.


Just a quick word about Adams and the customer serivce. (yea i know probably belongs in testimonials) You guys are amazing. Any time i had issue with a order the response and solution was fast and simple. I had the pleasue of visting HQ this past June while taking 2 months off work to travel around the country. I was welcomed right in and really enjoyed seeing the place. You guys think the online store is overwhelming, go visit HQ and stand in front of all the products at once and try not buying them all. But to whomever helped me that day (ben i think dont remember unforutnatley) thank you for hospitailty and being paitent while i decided what all to buy because unfortunately everything wasnt an option.


Again, Look forward to learning and chatting with you all



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