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Swirl finder flashlight

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I know that a little flashlight isn't any big deal in anybody's book, but I ordered one and let me tell you, this thing is about the brightest, most intense light I own.  What a great idea to have something on your work bench or detail cart that you can grab and shine on your paint to see what you can't see with just your ambient light.  I'm really happy with this little thing. It makes a whole lot of difference when I think i have things perfect, but then turn on this little light and see all the spots I missed.  Super,, super bright and you definitely don't want to look directly at the light.


It's not expensive, just a couple of bucks, but I'm definitely considering getting a second one just to keep on hand. Might not have anything to do with the way my car looks in the way of polishes, etc. but it sure has a lot to do with the final outcome. 



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Rich, I agree with everything you said about the swirl finder. For the price it's an awesome tool to have around. When I was out in Scottsdale at Barrett Jackson with the Adam's team, we all kept one handy. Even under the lights inside the salon trying to see swirls or smudges was not easy, swirl finder changed that really quick.

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