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Fresh Paint



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I would wait about 30 days for the paint to fully cure and outgas the evaporating solvents before waxing. Let it breath so as to prevent later problems .


Hi Bernice, Welcome to our forum!


I agree with Mike, 30 Days is good if the car experiences outdoor temps above 70 degrees, and a few sunny days.


Otherwise, you can Polish right away with no side effects, just ease-off any waxing or sealing. (Our Buttery or Machine SuperWax would be a no-no, but the Revive Polish and Fine Machine Polish, or Brilliant Spray Glaze can all be used on relatively fresh paint.


Thanks and again, :welcomebanner:

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Thanks for everyone's help. Since the temps aren't around 70 yet here (Pacific Nortwest) and the car doesn't need to be at a show anytime soon, I think I'll stick to the spray glaze for a while.


That's the ticket Bernice, and exactly what I would do! Be sure to let it dry for 30+ minutes if the temps are below 65 degrees. :2thumbs:

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