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Convertible Tops



I'm sure at some time in the past, Adam's must have toyed with the idea of offering a fabric top cleaner and sealant. Guessing it wasn't going to be a hot seller, they didn't add it to the line of they're product line.. 


So having to go to a 3rd party vendor, I got the cleaner and sealant and went to work. Now I just have to wait for the top to dry before I add the sealant. 


Hey Adam's.....think you might see the need to offer some kind of convertible top kit? Sure would be nice for all us "Rag Top" guys!  Just for fun, I attached a few pics......




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I don't think Adams has a specific cleaner or sealant. But their method for washing it I saw on a video was to dilute car wash shampoo, spray it on the cover, and scrub with the cockpit brush, then rinse.

Nathan.....Didn't think of that!  Like Rich, I used a rag top cleaner from a 3rd party vendor. When I washed it, the old sealant came right off. (no beading action) Just got done adding the 2nd and final coating to the clean top. Came out pretty good. 


Besides the protection, there's not much calling for water repellent here in Las Vegas..... :rolleyes:  Besides, I wouldn't drive my baby in the rain unless I got caught off guard.  :eek:

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