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Helllllloooooo Forum Memebers, 
My name is Taylor Carter and I am the owner and operator of Mint Condition Car Care, a dealer and distributor for Adam's Polishes. Myself and the business are located out of Orlando, FL. I am fortunate enough to say we are on the top 10 list of dealers and on our way hopefully to the number one spot! I wanted to get involved on the forum as many of my customers have told me how inviting and entertaining this can be! I hope I can provide some value as I would say I am pretty qualified in product knowledge these days  :rolleyes:


I am a 24 year  who has a strong drive to be a successful entrepreneur along with sharing my passion for cars and detailing them. I have been using Adam's products for over 4 years. My complete satisfaction of these products is what drove me to become a dealer. I know that there really is not many lineups that can even come close to comparison to what we offer. I have a great deal of testing and feedback from my customers that I can share with you all! I am fortunate enough to know the Adam's team very well and I would even consider them my friends! 

I own a 2013 Mazdaspeed 3 that is my weekend warrior. I love the car and probably will never part ways with it because they no longer produce them. It is currently vinyl wrapped in 3m Satin White pearl which I enjoy but also miss having to care for the paint.

I hope that I can become an involved member in this community as time allows! I am always out at shows vending, fulfilling orders, or on social media tending to the account!  I look forward to getting involved and feel free the message me at anytime! 


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