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I've never tried it on aftermarket tint or on the inside. But BG works great on the outside glass.  Water rolls right off.  If you're using glass cleaner on the inside tint, spray the rag, not the glass. 

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​Welcome Russ!


​I used the Brilliant Glaze on 3M tint on the inside of the rear window of my daily driver today without issue.


​Cadillac CTS coupe, so window isn't the easiest to clean anyways, but once the Brilliant Glaze was applied and wiped off with a clean microfiber, no issues and perfectly clean, streak free glass.


​You may want to research what type of film was applied on your vehicle just to make certain it is compatible.

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Hey Russ, I manage a tint shop, I also have 3M window films on my truck, I have been testing out the glaze on all my windows, I also have the front windscreen tinted head to toe. The glaze is fine to use and if it did affect it most films have lifetime warranties so who cares!

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