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3 inch pads for SK mini?

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just curious to know if anyone thinks that 3inch pads for the swirl killer mini would benefit over the standard 4 inch. i feel 3 inch would be better to get into tighter areas and thinner a-pillars. does adams have any interest in doing some 3 inch pads or just sticking with the 4 inch.

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Hi there! I can bring this up for discussion to see what Adam thinks, but I can't make any promises, as I'm not sure if our manufacturer could make them in smaller sizes. They could possibly move the foam pads down to a 3.5" diameter like the current blue and white microfiber cutting pad (it's listed at 4" to keep it consistent with the foam pads, but it's actually 3.5" diameter), but any smaller than that and I would worry that the pads would have zero overhang on the backing plate, which would increase the risk of possible damage while polishing.

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