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VRT stains on rims, cannot remove?



Hello all,


I recently bought some VRT and used some again last night on my tires.


I accidentally dropped a little onto my alloy wheels, and now it's on there like glue.


I tried using my waterless wash cleaner on it, could not get it off.

Tried really warm/hot water, no luck.


Anyone got a good way to possibly get this off?

I don't want to use IPA because i know it'll dehydrate my clear coat.

I'm almost wanting to use a clay bar to see if that will get it off.


Ideas please?

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Was the wheel hot? I've gotten VRT on all types of wheels, just the outer edge while I was applying it and it comes off very easy? Try using clay bar. Or a properly diluted IPA


Well, this isn't good.


I first tried clay bar... NG!

Then I tried IPA... NG!


Wow... how can this stuff stick literally like glue!


Help... any ideas what else I can try to get this stuff off my aluminum clear-coat rims?

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I gotta see a pic of this one...makes no sense at all to me.

Same here,never heard of this before.VRT should clean off very easily even the next day.

Is there any chance that what you're dealing with could be something else that got on the rim?

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