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1969 Roadrunner...aka...Ragingbird!!! @Barrett-Jackson!

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I was at the Barrett-Jackson auction for a few days last week/weekend and had the opportunity to detail this crazy creation from Bairs Customs!

It's a on-off custom build, 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner. Sherwin-Williams custom paint color-Purple Rage, blown big inch hemi, discs all the way around, plenty of carbon fiber, big wheels, etc thru and thru.

This was the debut of the vehicle and it was being shown in the Dodge booth/area of the auction. It was fresh out of the shop and paint booth and had a few issues. Sanding marks, some scratches and plenty of swirls.

It needed to look GREAT for the display as well as for it's debut at the Palm Beach Cars and Coffee on Sunday.

It was cut with Adam's polishes fast correcting compound, MF pads, Swirl Killer polisher (both 15mm full size and their mini) along with Adam's correcting polish and finishing polish with the corresponding pads.

It took some time to cover all the real estate, but in the end, the results were worth it!!

Some pics:
















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My dad had a '68 and a '69 convertible. Sweet cars. Thanks to his darn kids, he had to sell them....Ha! Still has his 1979 Z28 he bought brand new when he got married, so he's still in the game.


Thanks for sharing the photos! Looks like a great time.

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What a car! The paint came out great! It looks like Chris was helping out too. What a great experience to be able to work on that type of car at Barrett-Jackson. I was able to watch some of the auction. Thanks for the pictures and write-up.

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Glad everyone is enjoying the pics!!!  It was a cool experience to be able to work on custom build like this!!!


Eric--was nice meeting and working with you as well buddy!!!


Chris:  yes we did!  A great team!  And you coined the best nickname for us of all time too!!!!!  I'll work with you again anytime my friend!

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