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Microfiber Towel Cordination

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Dear Adams, (maybe SantaAdams needs a letter) I had a epiphany this morning while folding my Adams microfiber towels. I was wondering why the satin edging of the towels can't all be different colors to help differentiate the different thick ness of each towel? I was thinking since adams is so patriotic all the satin edgings should be Red, White, and Blue, this would help me and other like minded detailers to pick and choose which towel would work best on the fly. After washing it would also help make putting away chores easier.



As of now all the colors of the edging is a grey color and after a few washes they all look the same so I have feel each one to see what towel I used. And put away in it's correct area.


Let me know what you think #TeamAdams

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Nathan, I have all three and probably over 100 towels and when your in a hurry things get complicated lol, it would be so much easier for everyone I'm sure many would agree.


They already have colors but I agree that other colors would be cool, but to be ho est I usually only use the double soft and sometimes maybe single soft. Never used triple soft

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