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Adam's Metal Sign

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Man is this thing nice!  I already have it hanging in my garage above the window.  Really big and you can't help but notice it. Bright colors, shiny, and the holes are pre drilled so it makes it easy to hang.  And it's good and sturdy, but light enough that it would hang with a Command hook or two.  I have it hanging on one nail (already had the nail in the wall) on top, and I added a piece of double sided tape to the bottom just to keep it from blowing outward.  

I'm impressed with this thing.  At first I thought it was scratched up, but figured out that there was a clear plastic film over top that peeled off easily. Much better.  

If you've been on the fence about getting one, get off it and get one before they're gone. 

Nice sign Adam's!   :2thumbs:  :2thumbs:

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Still waitin'


Showing estimated delivery as Saturday 4/29. Sorry for the delay in processing and shipping. We had over 1,200 orders in the system Monday morning last week and orders kept on coming in, so it took a while for the team to catch up. 

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