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Detail Spray Build Up



Hello all,


I was on youtube the other day looking for waterless wash usage videos since we have determined I am apparently using too much.  I came upon one where the guy in the video talked about how he preferred to use WW instead of Detail Spray on his car because eventually the detail spray would build up so much that it would inhibit the shine of the paint.  I didn't think this was possible as I am sure the amount of wax/carnauba/protection in the DS was minimal and wouldn't affect this.


My question is:


should this be a concern of mine If I am using DS as a drying aid with my weekly washes and then during the week with 1 or 2 rinseless washes?  (3 washes total)


My other question is:


Also, speaking of wax build up, I am trying to burn through my buttery as quickly as possible (to get the new stuff), so how often can I get away with using it without it building up and making the paint opaque?

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You could wax every 2 or 3 months



does that time frame at all go up if I am adding other protection to the paint.


usually my 4 full washes a month go:


1st weekend: Buttery Wax

2nd weekend: wash and wash and brilliant glaze

3rd weekend: H2O G&G

4th weekend: brilliant glaze


then 1 to 2 rinseless washes or waterless to maintain the paint during the week. 

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