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Found This Little Gem on YouTube

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This is really cool,  I still keep asking myself how I am just finding out about Adam's.  I was introduced to Adams via social media about 3-4 months ago.  Prior to that I was using Griots and Maguire's.  While those companies were good, Adam's is great, a bit more expensive, but a bit above the rest in quality!!!  Keep up the great work!!

I know I'm cursing here, but I have about 20 products from Griots in my arsenal, it took me years to collect all of them.  In just a few months I already have over a dozen of Adam's products.

This video has pulled me away from all viable work today :blink:

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Just curious, when did the current detail spray edition come out and what is the difference between the current and the old?


I am not certain, but not too recently.  I have been using Adam's for 8 years, and DS has only been updated once in that time (IIRC).  And not a huge difference, just a slight tweak then.

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