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Adams grey clay



Started my Spring Detail today. I didn't care for the new Adams Clay system, so I bought some cheap other brand. You know the type that comes in a box with Detail spray, Chinese Microsoft towel and two yellow clay bars. So, I started with Adams Strip Wash throgh a foam gun and bucket. Let it soak for 5 minutes, stubbed it off then rinsed and dried with Adams Detail spray. I can't believe how well it worked. I Machine Sealant my car last fall and the Wash solution turned grey!! Whammy a great strip wash product!! Next, I broke out the cheaply boxed clay system doing hood roof and trunk. The Detail Spray was mainly water and not very slippery. The microfiber towelette a joke. I did the baggie test and paint was still rougher than a night in a New Orleans Strip Club. I re boxed the kit and broke out the old Adams Grey Clay bar using it without the impression tool. And of course Adams Detail Spray. A real relief and "Ah ha!" moment. My car is as smooth as glass after the baggie test. Those cheap boxed clay systems are a joke! Learned my lesson. Going to follow with white Adams Polish, Adams Glaze, and Machine liquid Sealant.

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