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What the heck is this and how do I fix it?



What's up Adam's forum peeps,


I was hoping you could help me figure out what the problem is with the paint in the attached pictures. I want to say it's clear coat failure maybe, or etching of some sort.


I noticed it while I was drying the car after this weekends wash. I lightly scraped at it with my finger nail and it came off. But the area underneath that feels smooth. I tried polishing it with the finish and correcting polishes but that didn't help with anything.


Is this something I might be able to fix with wet sanding?


It's hard to see in the picture but halfway up you can see the patches. I plan on getting the car repainted eventually, and they aren't really noticeable unless you know where to look. However, that's little consolation to us paint neat freaks.


Thanks for the help as always!




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It almost looks like severe overspray in the pictures. If it were me, I would try clay first then wet sand since compounding didn't work.



Clay, Polish, Seal, just like you would any other imperfection.


Thanks for the input! I will definitely clay the section and hopefully that takes care of it. If not I want to try heavy correcting polish and finally wet sanding if all else fails. 

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