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How often do you wash your towels?



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After every use!


Here are a few older discussions on proper towel care:

washing towels for a beginner


Microfiber revitalizer?


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I've seen those threads and watched videos lol....I use All Clear, delicate dry for 30 minutes, then let naturally let them dry thoroughly.

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I would recommend only using Microfiber Revitalizer & Brightener without any other detergents.  MFR&B is a strong detergent designed specifically for removing waxes, polymers, polishes, and oils commonly associated with detailing.  Regular laundry detergent is not strong enough to remove many of the detailing products from towels, especially the sealants.  Delicate or baby detergents are even weaker than regular detergent, so they are not going to clean out all the detailing products.  While the towels may "look" clean after using regular or delicate detergent, this incomplete cleaning can lead to build-up deep in the fibers of the towel, making them less effective and eventually ruining them.


While some might use other detergents to save a little money, if you buy the MFR&B in the gallon, with a sale discount, the amount of product used for one load is less than a buck, not much compared to the cost of these premium towels.


While I do not use any vinegar, some people use it for the rinse cycle.  To do this, it would be placed in the fabric softener dispenser.  Putting vinegar directly into the wash load with the detergent would be counter-productive, as the vinegar would work against the detergent.


It is also a good idea to run a cleaning cycle on your machine before running your detailing towels, to remove any laundry soap build-up in the machine.  Before washing my Microfiber towels, I run a clean-cycle on the washer with some distilled white vinegar to break down the build-up of detergents and fabric softeners inside the machine, as this build-up is bad for the detailing towels and can also be full of contaminates (like glitter). Since MFR&B is a stronger detergent than regular laundry soap, it will break down the build-up in the washer and mix it into your load of Microfiber towels, unless you clean the washer first. The dryer can also have contaminants from other loads, such as rags, rugs or shoes. A thorough vacuuming of the dryer along with a wipe-down is good practice to prevent the clean Microfiber towels from being contaminated with stuff that can cause damage when used on your paint.  If this seems extreme, take a closer look at what gets collected in the lint screen of the dryer.

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