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Apple Detail Spray Return

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I know we are a little more than a couple of months away from the 4th of July sale, but I was hoping that the apple detail spray would have a victorious return, hopefully even in gallon size?  I think it would be a great option for a group buy for those of us who really love it, the gallon size that is.  I still have a couple of bottles left over from last year but I am running low and hope to restock.  


Just food for though for you all at Adams Headquarters.


Thanks for reading!

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Apple scent is my favorite. It was my favorite when Waterless Wash was Apple scented (Not sure if it still is, I just use Rinseless now). 


I'd buy a Gallon of it. Would probably last until next year when it comes back out.


Waterless Wash is no longer Green Apple scent. The current version is a citrus fruit mixture that smells amazing though.


As far as the Apple Scented Detail Spray returning, I don't have any concrete information on that yet, sorry :(

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