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Wet sanding and SK mini paint correction

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I got bored this evening and decided to do some correction on the fender of my daily. It had some deep scratches that I wet sanded. One of them is barely visible while the others are totally gone. I used Adams Rinsless diluted into waterless wash spray to clean the fender. I used the same dilution to act as clay lubricant. After claying the fender I began to wet sand the area. I used 2000 then 3000 grit. After that I broke out the SK mini with the MF cutting pad. I used non Adams compound and polish to remove the sanding marks, and to polish out the rest of the fender. I followed that with an IPA wipe down and the coated the fender to finish it off. I'll be coating the rest of the car soon. Forgive my dogs heavy breathing. Lol











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