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Buying My First Home - Necessities


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Okay folks, this should be easy for most of you. I'm finally married so naturally buying a home was next. I'm set to close May 30 if appraisal comes back alright. What items do I immediately need to buy? What do I need to immediately do after moving as a first time home owner?


I've read dozens of articles but nothing beats people's personal experiences, so let's hear it!

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First off, congrats! :) Now, to the list.


Window blinds. Can't stress this one enough. You can get temporary, "retractable" paper ones at HD or Lowes (until Breyanna picks out the permanent ones, that is ;)).


TP. You probably have more bathrooms than you have now, so need more to go around.


More Adam's stuff. You have more space, right?!


Nice bottle of wine and two glasses to celebrate.


I'll add more as they come to me.

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I had to ask my wife.  First thing she said was Lysol and Clorox, toilet paper, soap, and dish soap and paper towels.  Clean the bathrooms immediately, wipe down the kitchen counters and surfaces, and clean the refrigerator (unless you're bringing your own).  That's day 1.

Second thing is to relax.  Don't stress about getting everything unboxed and put away. That's from the mrs.


My personal advice is to be patient with your wife. She's going to want everything perfect immediately and it doesn't work that way.  If she asks for your help, do it if you can.  It's touchy in this area. You can set her off by helping when she asks, by not helping when she doesn't ask, or by trying to help when she doesn't say anything.  ;)   But be patient, and have fun.  

Next you're going to need a lawn mower, edger, hedge trimmer if you have bushes and hedges, and a wheelbarrow. And a couple of brooms. 

And RAID!  There are always bugs in a new house.  

Get a hose. 

If you can, paint before you move in.  It's a lot easier.

I agree about drapes and blinds.  Essential.  You want privacy. 

Don't expect to get everything before you move in.  You'll figure out what you need as you go along and no point wasting your $$ on stuff you THINK you'll need, but wind up never using, or stuff that doesn't fit.  

Congratulations to you and your wife, and good luck with the new house.  Trust me. I'm 70 years old.  It's all scary at first, but it all works out.  Oh, and go buy your wife some flowers now and then.   ;)

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Congrats Dustin, there are many great answers here, I personally like bleach and wipes and new toilet seats because who wants to sit down on a warm used seat. Lol


First: Carry the new bride through the front door


Bleach cleaning supplies

A good quality toilet plunger = you never know

Some cheap Chinese microfiber towels for cleanups but you have to promise not to tell Nathan because well you know...

Vacuum cleaner

As for window treatments I would just use old sheets until you decide on a budget and what you want, that way you don't waste money.

If you need new bathe towels and kitchen towel I buy all that at Costco they have great stuff


Good Luck

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Congrats to you and your bride. I agree with what's all ready been said regarding cleaning supplies and TP. Don't forget trash bags,rubber gloves, and a dust pan to go with the broom.

Coffee maker, coffee, cups!

Set up your bed and put sheets on it first thing. You don't want to start that project when you're exhausted. Don't forget pillows.

Tool box

Paper plates, napkins, solo cups

A grill to cook your food if you don't have appliances and/or Number for food delivery.

Flashlight or two

New filters i.e. Furnace, humidifier, water dispenser on fridge

For window privacy you can tape wax paper on your windows, until you purchase window treatments. Cheaper than the paper blinds. Light still comes in. No one can see all your goodies.

I agree with Rich painting before you move in is so much easier. Good time to put in mouldings too if it's on your list.

Replace switch plate covers and outlets if necessary/ desired. Generally check your electrical.

Also generally check your plumbing. Replace / fix leaky things.

I would also check the outside of your home and garage after the first substantial rain and check for anything that needs to be addressed i.e. Gutters, pooling water near your foundation, etc.

Enjoy your new home!

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I can't disagree with anything above. If you can't paint the whole house before moving in, at least paint the closets. Does the house have carpeting? You want to clean that too. It can be a great time to buy something like the Bissell Lift-off. The machine works well and you can easily convert it for small areas like, oh, maybe a car interior. And don't forget the Adam's CUC!

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A new (to you) home. Congratulations. You get to break in every room...if you know what I mean. ;) ????


Clorox/Lysol EVERYTHING! Never know if previous owners were the poopoo, no hand washy types.????


Paint before moving in. Trust all of us on that. It is so much easier than painting later.


When we moved into our current house we took a week off from work and moved one room a day. It was less stressful and we got the room set up eliminating looking in boxes for stuff. When we returned to work we were all moved in.

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Ill add to the congratulatory list! Owning a home is a massive step in your lives together. 


Honestly, I know the house just cost a small fortune for you and your lists will be ever growing for it. 


Here are my small nuggets of advice. 


1. Hire a cleaning service. Just save your stress and aggravation it will cost a few hundred or so but you will have a clean house and you wont have spent days trying to get it done. Most of those local companies do a fine job and just explain yourself. Worst case is they dont help and you get very familier with the cleaning of a house. 


2. Get a 3 ring binder, some semi cheap page protector sheets, some three hole punched pocket folders, enough tabs to have one per room and a pack of filler paper. Now label the tabs for each room add some paper, a couple sheet protectors, and a pocket folder or two. As you guys talk about rooms and want to do painting or anything you can take notes, make comments, keep a list of what needs to be done and date it as you do it, keep paint chip options or other items in that tabbed area to easily find it. 


3. Your local home improvement store will be your friend. Make some acquaintances with some of the employees there, its amazing how much more helpful they are when they know your a friendly customer and honestly some do care about the projects you are working on. 


4. Check your local areas out for rebates, Here in MA we have a program called MassSave and it offers all kinds of rebates and advice for ways to save money and rebates for energy saving appliances. For example, they paid for a new hot water heater for me to replace my old one and all I had to do was pay for the installation. There is also a program where they come out and do an energy audit and as part of it change out all your light bulbs to LED as well as do some thermal imaging around your house. 

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You guys are awesome!!


Chris: Excellent ideas. Blinds were a must if they aren't coming with the house, and there will certainly be more Adam's stuff arriving now that I'll have a garage!


Nick: Chlorox wipes an absolute must, I agree. And what's wrong with pizza?? :P


Rich: Your wife sounds like a great woman, and clearly you think so too. As for your suggestions, lawn equipment, paint, brooms, Raid, it's all going on my list. As far as being patient with the wifey.. it's an uphill battle but I think I do alright :)


Joe: I'll carry her through if she'll let me! :) Toilet plunger and chinese microfibers... both going on the list :P


Jen: All excellent ideas, and I especially agree with the bed. That will most likely be the first thing through the door!! Also, great point with surveying and repairs. Gutters were brought up as being needed on my inspection report, so good call.


Tim: I have a bottle of Carpet and Upholstery as it works great on doggy messes! However, only the bedrooms are carpet. Everything else is tile or laminate so I lucked out big time. Paint seems to be a common theme.. maybe I'll task the wifey with that after I come back to sea!


Paul: Breaking in every room... you know it buddy ;) Chlorox wipes and paint seem to be a common theme... I will definitely be doing these asap.


Jim: All excellent ideas as well. Nearest home improvement store is very close, so I'll be sure to befriend some people!!


I'll be sure to pass these suggestions along to wifey to see how she rates them as well, but thank you so much everyone. Any more suggestions are gladly welcome!

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Congrats! We purchased our first "new home" (built in 1941 lol) back in Oct. 2015 after we found out we were having our 2nd child. We had a few advantages that you may or may not have. The previous owners left the 2" blinds! And we didn't have to be out of the old house by any specific date so we took our time moving. One thing for sure, you will find out how much JUNK you really have, LOL!

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