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Hello From Michigan

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Hi, all!  I'm a new Adam's customer and I'm honestly pretty new to auto detailing in general - so I'm really happy to have found a company with quality products & support and I look forward to learning as much as I can from the collective experience of all of you as well.  I don't have a classic car or a sports car or anything fancy - just a new car that I'm looking to maintain properly and to keep in 'new condition' for as long as possible.


I've bought a bunch of product so far and am looking forward to putting it all to good use:  everything from Car Wash Shampoo & Foam Gun to All-Purpose Cleaner to the Interior Detailing Kit to Detail Spray to H2O Guard & Gloss to Wheel Cleaner & brushes.  I've enjoyed maintaining previous vehicles that I've owned but have since learned that I wasn't doing it properly - and what I thought to be quality products were, in fact, not.  The instructional videos on this site have been eye-opening to say the least! 


Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment to say 'hello' and to briefly introduce myself.  And I thank you all in advance for the wealth of knowledge that is freely shared within these Forums.  Happy Detailing!   :D

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