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I think Adams needs to come back with "ask the shine doc" vids

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i was just thinking that Adams should come back out with new "ask the shine doc" video series they were doing every week with Dylan. Im sure they could get someone to do the videos or even Adam to do them. just throwing this out there. theres always good info on them esp for the people who have asked questions etc. just wanted to get some opions on if you guys think i would be a good idea. thanks 

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Yeah, Dan.....start filming :lolsmack:


I would like to, but my current schedule is already 12+ hour days on most days just fulfilling customer service and other duties, and I do like to have a little time to spend with family and sleep  :lol:


With DVK no longer being an Adam's employee working out the logistics of doing the videos could prove problematic. Is there another already working at Adam's that could be christened "Shine Doc Jr"?


That would technically be me since I'm Technical Director, but I would never claim to be able to fill his shoes with detailing knowledge or experience, and I don't want to be called Jr  :P


Where DvK/Shine Doc focused more on product development and testing, forums, videos, and technical emails, my role in the company is slightly different from his in that I'm now much more heavily focused on customer service support as a whole - through phones, email, and live chat for placing orders, technical questions, shipping questions, status updates, order issues, etc. Our customer base has also grown substantially over the last two years, which means the influx of calls/emails/chats have dramatically increased as well, and our 2-3 person customer service team is stretched pretty thin.


I would love to film some videos, but again it comes down to finding time to do them, edits, etc, which is difficult for me working remotely without our man Joe to do the filming and edits. I do know that Joe and Adam have been trying to set aside more time for videos, but with the busy travel schedule of summer show season approaching, it becomes more difficult to find time to shoot video each week.

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