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Clear Coated Labels

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I'm a huge fan of Adam's products, so please take this as constructive criticism (it truly is).


The latest generation of labels are, in my opinion, a step back from the previous generation. The metallic silver and clear coated labels on the last generation of products were very much superior to the current design that (at least as far as I can tell) isn't clear-coated.


I've noticed that it takes very little effort to scratch, scrape, bend, etc. the new labels. They're not nearly as durable as the old ones. Add to that - they don't feel premium, and that's where I feel Adam's products excel - in feeling premium. It's one of the tag lines, after all.


Maybe things have changed and the detailing market has gotten more competitive, so corners have to be cut, etc. But I feel like this is an important aspect of the premium feel of the products that should be brought back in the next generation of labels.


Does anyone else agree?


(P.S. - the inconsistent capitalization / font size of the product names on the new labels drives me nuts)

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Hi there!


I'm a bit late to reply here, but I'm catching up on as many threads as I can tonight. We definitely appreciate the feedback on the new labels. The labels 2 generations ago with the chrome lettering did cost more money per label, and the chrome had a tendency to fade and yellow over time. As the number of orders has increased dramatically over the last 2 years, that meant much higher quantities of labels needed to be made. We tried to go with a label design that was simple with a sort of retro and modern feel at the same time. The material needed for the 8oz labels to flex with the bottles does unfortunately scratch easily, but I haven't had too many problems with the 16oz bottles. I will certainly pass along the concerns though.


As for the inconsistent capitalization, going forward, all labels that we have being printed now have the first letter of each word capitalized followed by lowercase letters, eg. Detail Spray, Ceramic Boost, etc. As we run out of labels that are all capital letters, we get the next run ordered correctly to follow the new scheme. Some do have larger font size to take up some of the blank space on the front of the label though if the product name is short, so I will mention that too.


Again thanks for the feedback, keep it coming!

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