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how to get the wet look with polish and wax???

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Firat, welcome to the addiction!


As for process, a brief summary of the major steps is strip wash, clay bar, polish (which kind of kinds depends on correction needed), then seal/wax/glaze, or even coat (read this to decide which you'll want to use, including layering products: http://www.adamsforums.com/topic/27631-faq-should-i-use-wax-or-sealant-on-my-car/).Watch all the videos here, http://adamspolishes.com/video, and ask questions/read the forum articles. The fun part is coming up with what works for you, as we all have our own little idiosyncrasies.


That car is going to look great! Black cars usually do. Good luck!

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Welcome Jeff!


As mentioned, be sure to watch the videos here on the website, and on YouTube so you have a good understanding of the products and processes used.


Also attached a link to a write-up I did on my black C6 coupe I had, which was pretty scratched and swirled when I first bought it.




There is a lot of additional postings here with valuable and great information, so don't be afraid to use the "search" function on the upper left side of the forum pages to find what you are looking for too!



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:welcome:  Jeff,


Everyone beat me to the punch already, but as mentioned above watch the videos, search through the forum threads and if ever you have a question you need only ask.  I can honestly tell you that having been on other forums before, this is hands down the best most helpful forum you could be a part of.  



*WARNING* This addiction is not to be taken lightly, once it starts you won't be able to stop. But the shine you will get out of it will be well worth it!  :drool:

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As everyone said read up and find what is best for you.


I strip washed, clayed, polished (to remove water spots and slight swirls)

Then followed up with paint sealant and patriots wax.

Came out nice and shiny. results below





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