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I Never Thought...

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I never thought that I would ever in a million years take sand paper to my car. Well yesterday I did.

So starting from the top. I had finished my morning Church services early and decided to head to the Home Depot to pick up some sand paper. I never thought that 1500 grit paper let alone 2000 would be so smooth. When I went home I left the sand paper in a water bucket for about a half hour, then I went to town. I used a foam block from Adam's because I didn't have a sanding block and then I eventually transitioned to a more complex piece of cardboard. :D

I started out doing an inconspicuous spot on the roof in a corner. I did an 8 in x 8 in square starting with 1500 grit and then 2000 grit. After I felt I sanded enough, I used the microfiber pad with the compound to buff out the scratches. That put most of the shine back into the dulled paint. Then I used an orange pad and polish to buff out a little more. Finally I sealed it and that was that. For my first time I definitely think I did okay. I saw a little orange peel left, but I thought it was better than before.


I then proceeded to try a more orange peeled area, the trunk lid. I was a little excited so I kept going. I got the 1500 grit and went for a piece about a foot and a half x 8 inches. It was a little large to do by hand and I had to do extra polished because I forgot the 2000 grit and after polishing, I went back to do 2000. Overall I felt like it was a good experience.

Also I always do this but I'm not a 100% sure which are the before photos. 


Now for a few questions

1) What would I need to sand using the SK 15 mm? 

2) Has anyone else seen a difference going the extra 3000 step? because I barely saw a difference going to 2000

3) Also Where do you guys buy sanding disks and foam backing plates for the SK 15?

Any advice is appreciated. 






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I would say you nailed it good!

I've tried sanding 3 times, 2 strike outs (repaint) and One ok.

It can be a crap shoot as far as I'm concerned.

Thank God it worked out, although I may have hit a tiny tiny spot to hard and I think I lost some clear but it happens


U will find removing orange peel texture happens faster and easier if u don't use a foam backing use something hard and flat instead . The foam allows the paper to follow the peel texture more

I really want to but I'm afraid I might push too hard, I have a tendency to press down. What about a foam block, another website has them, but it looks more solid.

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I would not use foam but it's up to u. I would actually machine sand without foam. Larry kostila (ammo nyc) has some good videos on YouTube about wetsanding. Jason rose has been featured several times talking about the subject, Very knowledgeable dude.

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It definitely takes a full set to tackle wet sanding, LOL! I want to do my truck but I know I would screw something up. I wet sand headlights before polishing and it is amazing how something so destructive can produce great finishes.

I don't think I'd even do a smart car by hand, it really does get tiring, considering you'll probably end up doing a two step correction to finish. Definitely a good experience. If you were going to try I'd definitely start with a small spot in an "invisible" area on the worst orange peeled area on the paint.

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You are all braver men than I am. I don't like orange peel but I like my clear coat too much to risk it over getting the orange peel out. to the OP job well done that looks amazing!

Not at all, you can do it to, just start small lol


Awesome way to learn, looks great Mat, if you decide to do more keep doing it in small step don't get carried away, you'll be fine.

Thank God it worked out, that's exactly what I'm doing and I hope I don't get to carried away because little steps at a time is best

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