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Ceramic coating on BMW


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This is the he 5th car I've coated in the last 6 months.

This one was very well taken care of. Which saved me a lot of time.

Did a waterless wash and strip. One step buffed with orange Paint Correcting Polish. Then coating prep and coating, topped with Boost.

In all took about 10-12 hours so not too bad.

Before: had some block heater cord scratches to clean up.















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Also got the first one I did back in for a quick Wash and Wax wash. Nothing is sticking to the paint/coating. Dirt, bugs, sticky leave pods from the sprouting trees don't even really stick just spray right off easily.

These are both after shots. I forgot to get a before shot since I was limited on time with it.





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This is some really nice work, I've considered doing a coating, but I feel like that would make my adam's collection useless. I've considered doing parts of the car that get a lot of damage. I don't know if that would make too much of a difference to add it just to one area.

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Thanks. My customer is so happy with her BMW and how shiny it is and easy to clean.

If you did it the the grill, bumper, and hood the bugs will easily spray and wash right off. It would help for sure.

I've been thinking about doing that with my DD because I can't have it down for a weekend to do the whole thing at once. So I would be doing it in stages.

The only hard part is having to remember what is coated and what isn't. I have a fleet of our own. So as of right now only the smaller summer cars are getting coated. The SUVs may get coated one day but for now get Gloss and Guard.


So I think the best option for you is to coat the wife's ride so you can quickly and easily clean it, then continue your normal routine on your ride so you can have the best of both worlds.

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