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Yesterday Adams released a new video almost 20 minutes on wheel detailing. It was specific and showed how to properly clean and treat the wheels. Many of Adams "How To" videos are outdated.

As someone who has only been a customer in the last year or so, I was glad to finally see a refreshed "How To with some newer products. I wouldn't mind seeing Adams come out with newer updated videos like this. I understand these videos take a lot of time to produce but I feel it would be a great learning tool for some of the new people.

I made a list of some more videos I wouldn't seeing updated or created. Let me know your thoughts or what you would like to see.


- In-depth on paint correction

- Engine bay detailing

- Ceramic Coating

- Basic 2 bucket wash

- Pad care

- Mixing Ratios

- Drying techniques


Again some of these exist and some are simple but would be good for newbies.

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Hi Phil, 


Thanks for the feedback, we definitely appreciate it! 


I'm not sure if you noticed, but we have put up a new paint correction series fairly recently, back in November, that you can find here:




We had an updated Engine Bay Cleaning video when we filmed our Volume 10 Video Series on location in Scottsdale a year ago, but sadly the microphone had some serious audio issues for the video and it had to be scrapped, so I will be sure to tell Joe to add this one to his list!


Ceramic Coating, Two Bucket Wash, and Safe Drying are all fairly thorough videos, so those ones may not get updated until we shoot a Volume 11 video series:


Ceramic Coating:


Two Bucket Wash:


Safe Drying (another one that had microphone issues but Joe was able to salvage the audio somewhat):


Pad Care and Mixing Ratios are both excellent ideas, and I have mentioned to Joe that we need a new video on cleaning pads and accessories since we have added quite a few new products since that video was last shot.


Keep the suggestions coming and I'll feed them along to Joe and Adam :)

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Hit post too soon...some more:


A "Behind the Scenes" Series

- A Day (or Week?!) in the Life at Adam's. Show us what it's like to work there. All because your culture is what makes you awesome!

- Updated bottling, packaging, packing and shipping video

- What goes into creating Mystery Boxes/Buckets? (this could answer A LOT of questions!)


How To's

- How to Get "Car Show Ready"

- Product Hacks. Demo a collection of alternate uses for a variety of products. BG on the interior of the windshield is a perfect example (and my favorite hack to date!)



- Updated bloopers! :lolsmack:


Will post others if ideas come to me. Thanks for the consideration!

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