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Help me decide on new wheels!


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Hey everyone,


So um, the factory Bridgestones on my SS are wearing quite fast after 9,000 miles of 'fun' driving, and the fronts are needing replaced soon. The rears surprisingly still have a fair amount of tread, 19x8.5 front with 245's and 19x9 rear with 275's from the factory. 


Since I will be taking the car on a long road journey in July with Rally North America, and I want to personalize the car a bit more, I'm looking at some 20x9 wheel options. This way I can run a wider 275/30/20 up front to match the rears, giving better turn-in response (taking the car on a few track events during the road rally), as well as now having the ability to rotate tires front to rear!


I found two wheel options that are quite affordable in 20x9, with just about a perfect offset to let them sit out a little further for a wider track, but still tuck under the wheel well lips and have no issues.


My car as it sits currently:




Option A - 5th Gen Camaro SS replica wheels in matte black:




Option B - 5th Gen Camaro Z28 replicas in matte black:




Which option do you guys and gals like more?


I thought about getting much more expensive aftermarket wheels, but these are affordable and will still give a somewhat factory look while being different enough that the car will stand out in the rare event that there's ever another Chevy SS sedan at any car show I go to :lol: Factory Chevy center caps will fit in each wheel too and will be going on either wheel I decide to go with.


I'm also going to be replacing ALL of the chrome trim pieces on the car later this week with with the OEM Holden black metallic trim pieces once they show up. I think either set of black wheels will flow nicely, but I may end up powder coating them in a gunmetal gray finish since both wheel options are well within my budget and leave me with a little leftover money saved up to powder coat if necessary. Discount tire direct is also running a nice sale right now for $100 rebate on 4 wheels and $75 rebate on 4 tires, so I save money that way too :)


I do like both options a lot, but I'm favoring one more than the other, so I'm curious to hear what anyone else thinks. Thanks for looking. -DT

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Keep the wheels you have in the first picture (not the ones in your sig).  Black wheels have been done to death and do nothing for a car except look like a black hole.

But if you insist on putting black on your car, go with the second one. They're at least more interesting.


And should I be watching for a package this week?  Not that I'm anxious or anything. :lol:

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Truth be told, I want to do black chrome or gunmetal on either set, similar to the color on my GTO wheels, but they aren't available in those finishes from the manufacturer.


I hear you on the black hole look Rich, but I actually love the gloss black wheel option on the newest z06's...when they're clean they look amazing...drool.


Oh...and my sig pic is my GTO, not the SS in the first post of this thread. I have two blue Holdens ;) The GTO has been paid off since 2011 and I'll never sell it!

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Option B for sure! (as long as they clear the brakes) 


Also, if you need any Holden parts sent over, let me know - I worked at Holden as a technician for 9 years and have a great relationship with the parts department still - happy to track down certain rarer parts too! (HSV and Holden Special Option parts were our dealerships specialty)


Feel free to PM me if you need anything  :)

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Oh...and my sig pic is my GTO, not the SS in the first post of this thread. I have two blue Holdens ;) The GTO has been paid off since 2011 and I'll never sell it!


That's what happens when you have two cars the same color. You confuse the old man!   :lolsmack:

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