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Monday Funday



SO ... it was kinda crappy today.

(happy memorial day, also, kids!)


so i was just gonna reseal my windshield.


turned into:

1. waterless wash from top to shoes

2. detail spray "dry"

3. sealant + glaze

4. windows cleaned and sealed (including the INSIDE windshield treated with brilliant glaze)

5. touch ups and dressings


he wasnt too dirty so ... i think it was a success. 


did my big order during the sale.... soo...... NEXT UP

late Spring correction and CERAMIC COATING!!!!


Happy day, peeps!~ 

i hope everyone had a nice Mem Day weekend, and if you did anything special to your ride, or ordered lots of new goodies, ... feel free to show / share with me.





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Beautiful SS Vince, very nice reflection and depth! :thumbsup:

why thank you, sir.

hope your day was great and the SS got some love, too. 

ill always pine for that car. my pre-camaro obession was the G8 GXP.... sigh. 

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Looking good, is that a convertible Saab in the background? If it is I haven't seen one of those in ages.


One of 3... pristine, low miles, 900 Turbo. My buddy's... we placed 2X this year at Carlisle! It proudly wears my paint correction and Adam's touch!


and THANK YOU! :)

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