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Ceramic Coated, OMG!!!



I've finally finished the Coatings on my wife's 2005 Volvo XC70.


I Ceramic Coated the Trim in early November, shortly after the coatings were released:



Then in late December I removed and Ceramic Coated the Wheels:



and then BAM! winter hit the Northeast. Without a garage to let the vehicle stay in to allow for proper curing I decided to wait for spring.


This past Sunday morning I completed the Ceramic Coating on the paint:


110,000 mile, 12 year old vehicle with all original paint that stays outside 24/7/365!


Alright so, as many of you do with your rides, it's maintained very well. Better than most vehicles that can be garaged.


Here's the story of the paint coating and how I accomplished the process.

I wasn't able to do it all in one weekend, so I spread it out over three.


Friday May 12th was where I started, first the roof rack came off. I then used my Foam Cannon and Strip Wash, as well as a two bucket wash with Strip Wash to remove all old waxes and sealants from the paint. After a thorough washing I clayed the car. Another quick wash to remove the clay residue and it was dried.

That was it, no protection on the paint. Stripped bare. No problem.

I polished the air dam for the Thule roof rack and applied Ceramic Trim Coating to its outside edges.


Weekend two, Friday May 19th, I was working the Import & Performance Nationals on the Carlisle Fairgrounds. Here, Kyle (ken5018) and I gave her a Waterless Wash wipe down and began to polish. I did notice a few specks of rail dust/rust specks/embedded dirt on the paint and was able to remove those with some clay.


In the above pic, that's me on the roof trying a test to see what it'd take to get the car where I'd wanted it. We ended up using the Swirl Killer on speed 6 with a Blue Microfiber Pad and Heavy Correcting Compound. On this hard white Volvo paint we didn't follow up with anything else, just the one step. After polishing we did apply a coat of Americana for protection.


Weekend three.

Friday the 26th I washed the car with Strip Wash again, this time to remove last weekends application of Americana. Foamed it down with the Foam Cannon, let it dwell for five minutes or so and proceeded with a two bucket, Strip Wash, wash. Dried with my Master Blaster and pulled into the garage for the night.


First thing Saturday morning I wiped the car down with Adam's Ceramic Coating Prep and began to Ceramic Coat the paint. I did as instructed, applying to a 2'X2' section at a time, allowing it to begin to rainbow (about 30-45 seconds) and wiped it off, effortlessly wiped it off I might add.


Sunday morning the 27th, about 20 hours after completing the Ceramic coating process I wiped the entire car down with Ceramic Boost; paint, trim, wheels, and Thule roof air dam. I really believe the Trim and Wheels still look as good now as they did right after I applied the Ceramic Coatings to them six or seven months ago. The glass was sealed with Glass Sealant and then hit with Glass Boost. Lastly the Thule roof rack went back on.

The car came out looking fantastic I think!










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Awesome. I'd like to see the water beading effects after a car has been coating and then topped with the Boost from Adam's. Like with a water hose or pressure washer.

Here's a few shots I took this morning before my wife left for work, it was overcast and a bit before the actual sunrise I believe. It had rained last night, well more like a heavy mist than rain, but anyways;









Now beading looks nice, but really isn't an indication of protection on the paint. A vehicle that's just been polished will bead with perfectly clean, bare paint. A vehicle that's just been clayed will bead too, from the lubricant used in the process. I say don't judge the amount of protection due to how water beads.

Oh, and I've noticed with the Ceramic Coated wheels, the water doesn't bead when I first hit them with water to rinse off any larger debris during my normal wash process. However, when I rinse the Car Shampoo from the wheels after wiping them down they then do bead water.

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