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Coated My Mom's Car This Weekend

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So this wasn't a crazy job but I coated my mom's new Equinox over the 3 day weekend.  She's had the car for about 6 months and it has around 7k miles so its in great condition.  Started off with a good wash on Friday night with Adam's strip wash followed by clay.  The next morning, I did a quick debadge of the rear hatch and then hit the car with my Rupes 15 and Paint Finishing Polish.  The paint had some really light swirls but nothing major. 


Prep and coating went well for my first time messing with a coating.  I thought it would be a little more finicky but it layed down very nice.  Hit it roughly 22 hours later with Ceramic Boost and boy was she shining.  It left the metallic blue paint looking deep and glossy and so slick!  I feel like I have about a half a bottle of coating left so now I'm planning on attacking a few things around the house. 


I didn't get any great pictures as it rained almost all weekend but I took a few, enjoy!










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I think I could swim in that hood!


But applying it around the house...concerning. Don't put it on the toilet seat or you could slip right in! :D

I was thinking more along the lines of the lawnmower but the toilet may not be a bad idea :lol:


Thanks everyone!

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