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Hi from PA!


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Hello All!


So a certain someone had told me to go ahead and make a post instead of just "creeping" in the shadows, lol! :)


Won't bore you all with some big long intro but I have been using Adam's products since about 2006! I do have a lot of products that I like, but my favorite is probably different then most people, it is the ceramic coating. I have recently ceramic coated my entire car and the wheels with Adams Coating and absolutely love it! Here are some pictures of my current car a 2016 Golf R. It does have some things done to it but nothing major, yet. ;)  I also included some pictures of my previous cars. Thanks for looking and I guess I will post from time to time since I have been told I should! You might also recognize me in some of BRZN (Dave's) posts, I am the "Kyle" he talks about, lol! Also if you are ever out at the Carlisle, PA shows I do help out from time to time, so say hi if you see me :)






Here is the car after the wheels have been coated. The paint had been coated now for about 4-6 months now and has been holding up great!




All I use now instead of detail spray is Ceramic Boost. I know I am probably over doing it, lol, but every time I wash my car (which is every week) I dry the car off then come back and hit everything (including the wheels with ceramic boost!)




Here is a little foaming photo since everyone loves to foam a car :rockon: !!! These are also my winter wheels which I have not coated and probably won't as they really aren't in the best shape since they have seen many winters.




And here is what my car looked like stock until I put a few extra "goodies" on it!!




The next few photos are of cars that I used to have, and truly miss because they each served a purpose and were extremely fun vehicles to own!


2010 Audi A4 Avant S-Line



2004 Audi S4



2008 VW Passat Wagon 3.6 4motion


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