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Hello From N. Texas


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This past May I found a great deal on a new 2016 TY GT350. I have been wanting this car since they were introduced...so for my birthday I decided to give make it happen.


As a result of my OCD to keep cherished things perfect I also decided to up my detail game. I scoured the internet for extensive research and settled on starting with the Adams line of products. Before finding and joining this forum my cart was loaded almost $800 worth of products. 


Opted to roll the dice on 3 Mystery Boxes now and fill in the gaps with necessary products!




P.S. Anyone ever get a swirl killer in a Mystery Box? HINT :D

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Hey there, thanks for signing up to the forum, and thank you very much for your business!


We have been known to include a very limited number of Swirl Killers or Swirl Killer Minis in a mystery box from time to time, but it's a pretty rare occasion. 

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