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Headlight Restoration Kit

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So I was planning on detailing the truck this weekend but its going to be really windy this weekend, so itll have to wait for next week. However, I just received Adams new Headlight Restoration Kit. Really fast shipping btw. So i figured Id get a little head start and do the headlights. 


Keep in mind that this truck is the exact opposite of a garage queen. I drive it through harsh roads almost daily and it definitely needs a little restoration Especially the headlights. This is actually the second time I take care of the headlights. The first time I used a big store headlight kit and it was a little disappointing. It took a lot of steps and it left a lot to be desired. 


This time around, the headlights were in worse condition, so I decided to wetsand them and coat them with some UV rated clear so they last longer. I used 400, 800, 1500, and 2000 grit wet sandpaper. 


Heres a picture of what they looked like: 





As you can tell, they need some serious help. I started with 400 grit sandpaper. I mixed water with a little bit of adams rinseless to create a lube for wetsanding. 


I gave it two passes with 400 to get it as even as I could. Immediately, all kinds of yellowish oxidation started dripping while I started sanding. But after a while I came out with this:




Once I felt it was nice and even, I switched over to 800 grit, and so on until I finished with 2000 grit.



Now what we were all waiting for...




It came packaged very nicely. Much fancier than your big store kits.

It came with a little sheet of instructions, pretty much showing the same steps as adams video tutorial.


I started with the microfiber cutting pad and Heavy Correcting Compound.




Then I moved on to the blue pad and Heavy compound, and finished with the white pad and finishing polish.


These were my results




Looks much better than before. I noticed they have a little oxidation from the inside of the lens too which is impossible for me to remove without baking the headlight and popping it open. But thats ok with me. It still looks a whole lot better than before. 

I started late, so it was starting to get dark outside and I only finished one headlight. Tomorrow Im going to do the other light, and go back and give it a second pass with the heavy correcting compound if I have enough left over. Im sure I will, but these headlights arent small, so I wanted to make sure I have enough for both lights first.




Last picture for comparison



Please pardon the dirty truck, next weekend she gets a bath.

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Nicely done!


I'm confused, though. The site says the kit should also include FP, a white foam pad, and the drill plate. Don't see them in the box (maybe the plate's on the drill?) - are they in there, too??



Yeah, its nicely packed though. The white foam pad is underneath the blue one, and the finishing polish is right under the heavy correcting compound bottle. Then theres also 2 small rags tucked in there. And the backing plate is sitting under the 2 microfiber cutting pads. They made really good use of space in the small box.

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Yeah, its nicely packed though. The white foam pad is underneath the blue one, and the finishing polish is right under the heavy correcting compound bottle. Then theres also 2 small rags tucked in there. And the backing plate is sitting under the 2 microfiber cutting pads. They made really good use of space in the small box.

Gotcha. Thanks for clarifying.

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What kind of clear coat, paint sealant, polish are you referring too? 


My wife will be out of town in a few weeks and I'm planning to clean the headlights on her car. 




I bought a USC 2k clearcoat from amazon. I think Rustoleum also makes a 2k non yellowing clear.


Just make sure you wear proper gear when handling any 2k can. It contains isocyanates and that is very dangerous if exposed. I have a carbon filtered respirator, but im only doing the headlights in a ventilated area. 


As far as the polish, since its basically a clearcoat now, just use any polish and sealant you would use on your regular paint. Ill be using adams finishing polish once more, and then adams paint sealant. You can even add a little buttery wax but im not too sure how itll hold up once the headlights heat up after a while. Worth the try tho.

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Looks good Choke.


Curious, were you able to buy the sandpaper you needed at the hardware store?


Picked up the Adam's kit and have been working on my Accord lights (sorry, no pics) and have a few spots that need to be wet sanded.  Had some smaller sanding pads from an old Megs kit but don't think they had enough oomph, so probably need to start on mine with the 400 grit like you did.

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I actually have a big pack of sandpaper I bought from amazon. It was an assorted pack for pretty cheap. However, if you need to buy some quick, Im pretty sure most, if not all hardware stores, have wet or dry sand paper. I know walmart has 3m wet or dry sand paper for pretty cheap and they are good quality. If I remember correctly, they have an assorted pack that should be enough for both headlights.


Post some pics when you get a chance. Mine were really bad and had to start with 400 grit, but most times 800 should be enough to start with. 


Im still planning on spraying a clear coat on mine, but I have another restoration project that will need a little clear too, so im waiting to kill two birds with one stone since the bottle only lasts about 48 hours once activated. 

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i have the items within the kit--is there any issue with doing this with a DA instead of the drill?



None at all. Unless you have a 3" DA plate, it might just be a bit harder to get the small corners on the lens. Depends on the type of headlights tho.

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So I thought I would update this post. Its been about a week since I clearcoated the lights, and in 3 more weeks, ill be able to add a paint sealant and wax. 


After they were polished, I taped them back up and sanded them with 2k grit wet sand paper again so the clear would have something to stick to. I also used painters plastic sheeting to cover up the front of the truck. We obviously dont want clear over spray settling anywhere besides the headlights. 



Once everything was covered up and prepped, it was time to spray paint. I used USC 2K clear spray can. Please be careful when using this stuff. Use at own risk.



Protect your eyes and skin. Carbon filters get clogged up really fast with this stuff, and not recommended for extended use. But for being outdoors in a ventilated area and just 2 headlights, they should be ok.



First coat is going to look rough and disappointing, but thats ok. Just try to get a light even pass on the first coat.



Second coat starts to look better. Try to get all areas covered with this one.



By the third coat, you should already have a clear and good looking headlight. A lot of times this is enough to just polish and call it a day.



However I took it a step further and let this dry overnight. There were a few dust particles that were bothering me, so I went back and sanded them one last time with 2k grit once it was completely dry. Just a very gentle pass to knock down the dust particles and any imperfections that i found. Once I was happy with the results, I took out the headlight restoration kit once more, and polished the head lights.



Very happy with the results. 

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Really nice! :2thumbs:



Wow, you are on it man!! They look brand spanking new, awesome work!!


Thanks! For the longest time ive been wanting to replace my headlights with retrofit HIDs, but I really liked the outcome, so I think thatll wait a little longer lol

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