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"Dealer installed" scratches and swirls - a video

Greg from GA


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I hate DIS! No American cars....come on man!!attachicon.gifIMG_3591.JPG



Coming from a lifetime of only owning Ford Trucks (Ranger cant remember the year but when they had Mazda V6 motors, 04 06 SCrew F150s, 00 F250) and Chevy trucks (69 C10, 88 Silverado) and a few miscellaneous 82 AMC Jeep CJ7 and a GREMLIN, jeep grand Cherokee) THE ONLY FAWRN car I had then was a 82 VW Vanagon Wesfalia that i traded a bass boat for - it was for recreational use so I am not counting it.  Oh and a 01 Mustang Cobra SVT for some strange reason (remember not a car guy)...


My point is I've done my time on the side of the road and they don't make nuthin I want.  I drive enough American rental cars traveling to reinforce that often.

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