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Hi guys I am sticking this post in the lounge just to keep it away from detailing specific sub forums.  I hope you do not mind it here...  If this is interesting to you, please read.  If not, skip...


As many of you on this forum (including the mods) have provided ongoing support and encouragement as I have been experimenting with starting a youtube channel, I thought I'd do this post do be very transparent about my intentions.


Oh and before I get too long winded, the goal of my post here is to ask you to subscribe to my channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDkqymtB9gcqWf5zaMGd45A


Here is some backstory:


1. I love board games.  I used to love PC games but I am getting too old to keep up there but I did just finish Battlefield 1 on XBOX.  Back in the 2000s I used to compete in organized online league play for Day of Defeat (a mod of a mod - Counterstrike/Half Life)


2. Over a year ago, I deleted my Facebook and Twiiter accounts after having been on social media on those pretty much since the beginning.  Personally (I can go way deeper on this), the cons just *heavily* outweighed the pros.  I did create a new Twitter account for this new identity applying the lessons I learned from the former; I did not create a new Facebook account for the same reasons.


3. I've always enjoyed the antics of the vloggers.  Confession: I am a huge Disney fan so much of it is centered around that.  There is no shortage of Disney park vloggers.  My favorite is adamthewoo and TheTimTracker.  These guys do this full time.


4. I am a metrics guy in real life.  I spend all day constantly staring at screens to see how changes I make (or don't make) impact performance (or lack thereof) once, twice, three times removed etc. 


5. My children are getting older/verge of empty nester over here so if you are a parent you know that means that not only do you have a lot of newly discovered free time, you also have a lot of video and photography equipment lying around from obsessively documenting the last ~18 years.


So why did I drag you through all of that?  My friends and I often debate what these high-roller youtubers actually do and earn.  I wanted to create a channel as a sort of reel-time strategy game; think of it as my own Sim City.  The scale is nickel and dime (okay, just nickel)  but it should still be just as applicable to the gold bars that PewDiePie (had to look that spelling up) throws around.  I picked car detailing because I am passionate about it, it is new to me and I think I have something to say as a newbie that has value.  In that, to some degree, the content is a means to an end but the intent is sincere and genuine.  But again Sim City and my real time strategy game...  This post is just an experiment to see if I can get any impact of subscriber count.  I am at 307 at the time of this post if anyone wants to play along at home.


So that's why I  made this post: to be transparent about what I want to do.  I have learned so much about the YouTube Creator metrics and process since I started this!  And I am learning more and more everyday.  


I am at what I think is a channel threshold here today with the ~300 subscribers mark.  Subscriber count has grown great and it 300 seems to be some kind of baseline.  For example, I had added an Amazon Affiliate component pretty much day one but I should have waited until this threshold (boring story if anyone wants to know the specifics, let me know - but I have a million little stories like that).  So I had to start over on that today and all my video descriptions have new Amazon Affiliate links to Adams products (and other things that are tangential but not competitive - I am trying to keep it black and white that way).


If you read this far, I'll throw in a little lesson learned tidbit that I found very interesting.  I've got plenty but this is a neat thought at the moment. YouTube views really are not important in the scheme of things; it is all about watch time.  I can show you all the reports that emphasis watch time over views.  Views are an end result for sure, but Watch Time is the lifeblood of what they are trying to do - it drives their algorythms for suggested videos, etc .  They want eyeballs on their screens.


Thanks for reading and, oh, and please subscribe to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDkqymtB9gcqWf5zaMGd45A


/walloftext off

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