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wyatt says it's for interior cleaning you say for bugs, NATE DAWG says it's a clay mitt/glove, I'm going flip a churro, crunchy side or the smashed side? Damn it landed and got smashed so we're going with the clay glove lol.




I personally think it's a wash mitt for like bugs or something but then again I don't know.

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If that is a clay mitt, this is all I use (another brand).  The hell with a piece of clay IMO.

Can't wait to give it a shot.  Not sure it would make clay 100% useless, but I could definitely see using much less of it IMO.

I gotta use up my old claybars soon :) . I guess I can use them on all mirrors and glass inside the house lol

This mitt will marr the paint, so polishing after is required. Clay is useful so if you just want contaminants gone without having to polish afterwords.


Clay glove. Adam spilled the beans at the clinic last month one was in the works. Looks like it's here. Enjoy!

What else aren’t you telling us Chris...


Your punishment:


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