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Paint Coating and why you should BUY IT!!!



Been asked by a few people how the Adam's Paint Coating and Wheel Coating have been holding up so decided to post and share my thoughts!


Paint Coating:
I had put the paint coating on about 6 months ago before the Northeast winter. Now we kind of had a "crappy" winter (meaning we didn't have much snow 1f604.png). Some initials observations from when I put it on, very easy application! Little hard to see it cure on a white car, but still very easy! As soon as a put it on that week it was to rain pretty much all week. It beaded during the first week really well! At the end of the week when I went to wash it, as I rinsed it off I was blown away by how easy the dirt just washed away. Since then every week it has done the same. Which has made washing/maintaining my car so much easier! Every week when I wash my car I just use car shampoo and then dry it (no drying aid) and will then come back with the Adam's Ceramic Boost when it is dry (I know probably overkill but we wouldn't be on this page if we didn't do things that were a little obsessive 1f602.png). Something I have notated about the Boost, I feel it is extremely comparable to CarPro Reload. And have actually used it by itself on other things and have great results!


Couple thoughts on the paint coating:
- Ease of use (initial application)
- Ease of keeping the car clean
- Ease of removal (if you miss a high spot or you want to take the Coating off, very easy with a machine polisher to take it off)

- Wish it was a little harder (as hard as his wheel coating)
- Wish you could see it easier when it is time to level the coating (I know lighting helps but I guess I am just nitpicking)


Wheel Coating:
I had put the wheel coating on about 1-2 months ago when I got my new wheels for the car. Once again it was very easy to use. I clean my wheels just like the paint. Except when I dry it off I use a sidekick blower. Then come back and hit it with Ceramic Boost.


Couple Thoughts:
- Beeds water even when it is dirty!!
- Extremely easy to keep my wheels clean

- Little harder to level the product during application (more "sticky")
- Much harder to get off if you want to take the Coating off.


For being an "affordable" product, I have been extremely happy with the results and the ease it has created in keeping the car clean! I highly recommend the coatings for not only the added protection, but the ease of keeping the car clean!! Thanks for looking and here are some photos/videos for your viewing pleasure! B)












This is of me rinsing the wheels off before I wash them. They have become extremely easy to rinse the dirty away!!



This is of the paint being rinsed off before I foam the car down. Once again extremely easy to rinse the dirt away before washing!





And foaming the car down because who doesn't love a good foaming!!! :D

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So the videos are after the Boost application as well?

The videos are after the coating has been applied and been on the surfaces for a while. Paint for about 6 months and wheels about 2. So yes, the boost has been applied.

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Great write up. I come here infrequently now, but am really impressed with how the product is holding up on my DD truck after 6 months.


An update. I am so impressed, I have now done my Harley, and my 2000 Corvette. Really an amazing product.

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