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Thank you for the Brilliant Glaze and Patriot Wax


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I just want to thank all of you at Adams Polish for the great products I have been using this year. Every chance I get I promote your products to others at events. This year has been the best year for me at car events using Patriot Wax, Brilliant Glaze, VRT , Detail Spray, In and Out spray and of course leather cleaner and leather conditioner.


I have a ton of other products from Adams but these are by far the ones I use all of the time. Today I got a mystery Box that my son got me for Fathers day. It had Buttery wax, Clay bar kit and some detail spray that I also love to use. I have not tried the Buttery wax so looking forward to trying that.



The Patriot Wax and Brilliant Glaze combo is what is getting me all of these awards I keep winning week after week. Last year I may have got lucky and won maybe every five events.  This year I have been winning at almost every event I attend.


I would highly recommend Patriot Wax and Brilliant Glaze especially if you have a red car. people comment about the shine all of the time and ask me what I use. I just pull out my Adams detail bag filled with all the goodies and show them


Last night after work I was way too tired to glaze the car after I washed it. This morning I pull up to the show and wipe it down with detail spray then grab the can of in and out and like magic back to the super shine.


Thanks for making the SS stand out

here is a few pics and some of the awards I have won the past six weeks













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