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The SUV has zebra stripes...Help!



My son's Xterra has (recently?) developed what I can only describe as zebra stripes on the trim.It is a daily and sits outside 24/7/365, and I've treated it fairly regularly with VRT. And while I'm certain it didn't cause them, I only just noticed after a maintenance wash with the W&W. 


What caused them, and more importantly, how can I fix them? I do have Trim Coating, but don't want to apply it without your advice first.








So I did take a stab at cleaning them up earlier last week with the TRC (thanks for the suggestion, Steve/Norton!), and it seemed to make a difference. It's also the first step before applying the trim coating. But today, they were somewhat noticeable again.




Please, help my son's trim look more like a great white shark and not a zebra!!!


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