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1st metal polishing endeavor


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About two weeks ago my buddy texts me and says "hey, I cleaned my wheels and they look like this now"




Told him they need polishing and oxidized from the cleaner he used, which he said he threw out once they wheels did that.


After asking some questions to Joe (ocdrifter) throughout this process. I am happy with the results and my friend was beyond happy.


Car was put up on the lift and wheels removed.






All wheels had the milky oxidation, a two worse than others. Wheels had never been polished to my friends knowledge.


Process used:

Cleaned with aluminium wheel cleaner

Tire and rubber cleaner for tires

Prowax all metal polish on the Power cone

Followed by Adam's metal polish #1 & 2 by hand

Adam's LPS on the inner drums

Ceramic coating(non Adam's) on polished metal






On the car, '96 SS w/ 99k miles




Between wheels 3 & 4 we had a short interruption when some T-storms rolled through and finished off this tree damaged in the last windstorm we had in March. Full loss of power happened 20 minutes after the tree fell when it rained and the transformer popped.







I am pleased with the results. My friend didn't want perfection and I certainly needed a lot more time, and possibly different products to provide that. But with that being, they look 1000x better than before. He said this was the first time you could actually see yourself in them since he bought them.

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Well done, Kevin.


Couple other cool things about this thread...<100K miles on a '96 car, and the tree seems to have spared the snowmobile.

The tree missed that trailer and snowmobile both times it had fallen due to wind much to my buddies dismay... The snowmobile needs quite a bit of work. He just hasn't had the equipment to take the tree down but now that the top half came down he can drop the rest of it.

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