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First time paint correction-results



So i finally got a chance to bust out the swirl killer and try for the very first time paint correction. Here are some things i learned.


Least aggressive method is the best way to go. As stated by many in the forums. My car is a 2017, I've had it 5 months. Thought just correcting polish and orange foam pad would do it. Nope, not enough.


Without a mini sk, its possible to hit certain angles, but expect polish to fly. My mercedes has some contours where i had to use the polisher like an angle grinder, flung some polish, but wiped it off.


Always keep the pad on the car when stopping, first one i started to lift off and polish flew on me lol, such a noob!


Never be afraid to try this, I'm not a pro, and i probably went too quick over some spots, but it looks x2 as good as before.


So without further ado here are some pics, was tough to capture the swirls with the sunlight.


P.s. using a polisher for lps or glaze is the cats pajamas, it was speed city and took like 5 mins compared to like 15 or 20 by hand.










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So what pad and polish did you end up using?

Initially as most pros and Adam himself had said, I started off on my hood in a small section. Tried orange foam pad and correcting polish, didn't do much. Was sorta shocked by that, so I got the microfiber cutting pad out, followed up with the orange foam and correcting, then white foam pad and finishing polish. After I figured this out, I would just layer the microfiber pad and orange foam, meaning I wouldn't wipe away the first go of correcting polish. I would only wipe down before the finishing polish.


I had already done the strip wash, clay, and isopropyl wipe down of course before any of this, and after finishing polishing did another isopropyl wipe down before applying liquid paint sealant and then brilliant glaze.

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First off, good job and nice car...

On that SK mini comment, I'm with you 100%, it's almost impossible for some of the smaller areas on a car.

The paint looks really good. I've heard german cars have hard paint, but it looks like you  did a great job.

It's definitely better, but the bane of black cars I swear I still saw light scratches or something else here and there but I believe it's like 95% good. The dealer must've just washed and dried it with a rake, I purchased it with 25 miles, but I know cars sit outside at dealers, but good to know what to look for next time. I didn't get into detailing until I got this.


Yeah, the detailing addiction is like you need a mini sk now!!! But maybe down the line I'll grab one and give it a go next year, would make some of this so much easier.

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Very nice car, and great job! Im on my 3rd black car, new Chevy Tahoe, got it with 300 miles, and im with you on the rake thing!


Only had time to correct the hood so far, but its a huge hood, took 2 hours, and had to go above the correcting polish also. Lessons learned.


Thanks for sharing the good info!

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