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Hows it going everyone, new ny member


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So i picked up my car 3 months ago. A friend of mine saw it at work and told me to bring it over so we can detail it. I didn't know anything about Adams, now im hooked. Put in my first order last night. Looking forward to learning how to keep my car looking nice. I have a couple questions already :D . thanks in advance for all the help


first question is can i use the waterless spray to clean the roof?



second what could i use to clean the wood grain and chrome part of my interior?




And last my friend and I sealed and wax when it was getting dark and we missed some spots. Whats the process to correct these imperfections? thanks again



Some random pics of my car









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​Welcome to the Adam's forums Tony!


​Answers to your questions are:


​1. Waterless Wash can be used on roof


​2. Total Interior Detailer works on the interior pieces you mentioned


​3. To "re do" those missed areas, just make sure they are clean then apply the sealant / wax in the same steps as done previously to ensure complete coverage.

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Welcome to the forums! :welcome:


Waterless Wash can be used on the roof.

Detail Spray or interior detailer will make that piece look great.

Just clean and reapply.


Welcome to the addiction!

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