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You know you're obsessed when.........


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See, you just get numb to a super clean car, so if it isn't ready to take first at a show it isn't good enough.


The level I clean my second (at least) hand 2002 Dakota with all the small dents and scratches it came with you'd think it was on the cover of Street Trucks or something. 2-4 bucket wash, foam gun, different pads for top and bottom, 4 brushes for the stock wheels...... I think I have a sickness.



Love the SS though.

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Brian. I love that Mystic Green Metallic. It's my favorite SS color followed closely by my PBM. If they made it in a 2017 I'd have got that color instead.

Me too! Nightfall Gray is a close #2 though.

I wish I had a camera that could show you guys how amazing my rides look since I got the polishers. My mind is blown.  

And Brian, your ride looks fantastic!  Love the gray!   :2thumbs:

It is Prussian Steel gray down under. Some folks see the green, some see the gray. Interesting how that happens.

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